Neuroflexology is a simple technique that is quickly easily applied to the foot and lower leg. It is designed to switch on a person’s own healing system and enable the body to re-balance itself naturally.

Neuroflexology may enable you to clear away and repair painful joints, resolve most mood swings and anxiety feelings, repair lower back problems and clear away any problem that may have arisen inside the body without external influence. Neuroflexology is a therapy for the new Millenium. It is based on anatomy and physiology and nothing else.It has a new “Neuroflex” technique to work on feet. It has a philosophy, which is explainable and logical. It truly is a therapy for the future.

Where is it from?

Neuroflexology© was created by John Moorhouse from Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire in 1999. Being a successful reflexologist in his own right and having practiced for many years, he developed the therapy to save both his hands and his practice.

What Can Neuroflexology© Do?

Anyone can benefit from a course of Neuroflexology© treatments, and positive changes can take place over a fairly short space of time. Neuroflexology© can produce:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Reduced pain or discomfort
  • A speeding up of the natural healing process

Neuroflexology© can also help you to:

  • Feel more positive, confident and better able to cope
  • Deal better with stressful people and difficult situations
  • Increase your mobility
  • Reduce your need for conventional pain relief
  • Enjoy a better quality of life.

Neuroflexology© Treatments

Receiving Neuroflexology© from a practitioner is a simple process. The client lies on a treatment table or reclines in a chair and the practitioner will apply light pressure to different contact points on the feet for a short period of time to stimulate and activate the body’s own healing process. You will then be closely monitored throughout this phase of the treatment until the body enters its recovery phase.

The treatment lasts approximately 35 minutes

What Might I Feel?

Deep relaxation, tingling, varying levels of heat, coolness, heaviness.  It varies a lot from one person to another. But no matter what you feel during your treatment, Neuroflexology© is helping you give your body what you need.

How Many Neuroflexology© Treatments Do I Need?

While a one-off Neuroflexology© treatment will do something beneficial for you by bringing a sense of well-being and maybe producing some short-term physical benefits. The best results are gained from having an initial course of treatments, maybe 4-6 treatments at weekly intervals. The treatments can then be reduced to a maintenance program that is right for you. Your practitioner will discuss this with you during your treatment session.

Neuroflexology© is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you have any symptoms of illness you should see your doctor.

Neuroflexology© is safe and will compliment any form of complementary or medical treatment.

A Neuroflexology© practitioner will not diagnose or recommend any form of treatment.

A treatment cost £30